Friday, March 6, 2015

Finding Adventure

Adventure calls us.  It lurks around the corner.  It whispers in an ear. 

Sometimes it's giant and yells at us through a megaphone.  Other times it's quiet and sits waiting to be noticed.  Then there is the adventure that nags at us, trying to engage, stop, and notice.

It's a gift that has been given to us. 

Like all gifts, once given freely, it's up to us how we use it. 

There are the obvious adventures -- such as moving across the country or changing careers.  Those are the ones that always strengthen my relationship with God.  I spend time with Him asking for his help, His direction, His will.  He gives me cause to dance despite a different agenda from my own.  I'm grateful for His presence in my life.

It's the quiet adventures that I don't want to miss.  The beauty of snow falling in lazy, fat flakes across the frozen ground; the tiny, brave flower poking up from the crack in the sidewalk; the glory of spring buds and the glory of blazing color of the leaves in the fall.  These are the moments that make my breath falter for a moment. The beauty of simple adventures catch me off guard; often they bring a tear to my eye, grateful for a glimpse beyond my own understanding.  Adventures that often go unnoticed because we are tied up in our own plans.

This reminds me of our relationship with God.  How many times does he put things in our path that we ignore because we are concentrating on our own agenda?  Our own adventure?

Therefore, it is this exciting word that causes me to slow down.  It causes me to turn to God and hear His will.  It invigorates me to embrace Him.

I'll be honest -- sometimes the relinquishment of what I want scares me.  It takes me out of control.  It means that my hard work doesn't really matter.  So I turn to Him, on my knees, humbled. 

And I pray for His guidance through the best adventure of all -- a life lived to please Him.