Friday, January 6, 2017

A word for 2017 -- authentic

That's my word for 2017.

I've tried out a few -- and this one fits.  Therefore, it's the word I chose to concentrate on this year.

It's not a new concept.  Being genuine is important to me.  I see myself as someone you can count on, someone who tells the truth, someone who believes what I say and puts those words into practice.  My goal is to be intentional and know the words I share are important - especially in my line of work. 

Therefore I choose to be authentic -- true to my own personality, spirit, and character (definition from Merriam-Webster).

You might notice that it's been awhile since I've blogged.  It was a hard year for me last year.  Obstacles kept me away from my passions and forced me to look at things from different perspectives.  I became more introspective and faced battles from within.

If I'm honest, I'm not sure I was the best "me" I could have been.  Everything I had within me when to being the best teacher I could be (because it was my students only opportunity in their lives to have 8th grade English), being the best mom I could be (because I'm it for my own kids), and being a good wife (my husband deserves it).  However, I'm not sure I was the best "me" for me.  In many ways I just felt like I was surviving. 

It was kind of like wearing a mask that covered me.  On the outside I didn't look so different, but I was struggling on the inside facing "the beasts" that plagued me.

I don't regret last year.  I don't lament my health issues.  I don't wish it didn't happen.  I don't think the obstacles were something to curse. 

I see it as a time of growth.  It was a time of honesty and reassessment.  It was a time to look at what I was doing and decide if it was authentic - if it was genuine.  Most importantly, I had to decide if it was true to me.  Every experience helps to define the person you are.

Therefore 2017 is a year of being authentic.

I'm a better person for what I experienced in 2016. 

I spent so much time convincing others that their words were valuable, that I forgot to see the value in my words.  This year I pledge to find my way back to supporting that value. 

My hope is that in 2018 I will say that I've accomplished some of the following:

*  Finished writing my young adult novel (even if no one ever reads it, the story needs to be told).
*  Inspired students to believe in themselves and prepare them for high school.
*  Help my two oldest transition from high school to college.
*  Reawaken my love of exploration.

I hope that I'm seen as authentic - the good and the bad - and someone who is worthy of trust. 

Wishing you all a good new year.  You'll be hearing from me.